People would be in less of a hurry if there were more service stations like these: in buildings combining modern architecture with quality workmanship and designed with attention to detail for a dual purpose: as a delicatessen and an innovative service station.

Now you can choose between three locations: Bressanone/Brixen ,the Brenner Pass and since Summer 2020 at the European Bridge. Good places to take a break – on journeys long and short.

More than a service station

Lanz has much to offer: an attractive setting with fine furnishings, plenty of seating including outdoor areas, and a long eye-catching bar. Fresh farmhouse products are available in the form of a wide range of sandwiches, cold meats and cheese platters, coffee and cake, and freshly pressed fruit juices. We also have a focus on the quality of service. Whether you come alone or in a group, with friends or family, by car, bus or bicycle, we look forward to welcoming you!